Iris des Champs Travel Set

Iris des Champs Travel Set


A stylish travel perfume spray of pure fragrance extract brings the sensual accords of the noble iris anywhere.
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  • Head Notes

    White Floral

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iris des champs


Iris des Champs opens with an accord of bergamot, lily of the valley and pink pepper, evoking the freshness of the morning dew. The sensual heart pulses with an alluring...

Iris des Champs: The concept

The Iris extraction process is very long and delicate. The plant has to grow for 3 years before being harvested. The rhizome, from which the “beurre” is then collected, must dry for at least three years before the perfumer can proceed with the extraction. Its smell is extraordinarily present, almost invasive, with powdered facets, and deploys its wooded green accents, evoking a comforting smell of warm bread. Many perfumers have worked with this fabulous raw material, unveiling its earthy facets but none of them has given thought to what the smell of the flower should be. We have taken a completely different approach by creating an olfactory interpretation of the flower and by doing so we have been following into the footsteps of our predecessor Paul Parquet, who created Fougère Royale.

Iris des Champs

Iris des Champs will transport whoever smells it in a blossoming field of irises, in the Tuscany countryside, on a beautiful spring day.

Iris is a plant with elegant and stylish flowers that conceals a hidden treasure. Already considered sacred by the Egyptians, the iris became, under the heraldic name of Lily, the symbol of royalty in France. Surprisingly, it is not its sublime flower but its underground part that holds this olfactory treasure; the rhizomes, the roots of the flowers contain the Irone, a unique fragrant and rich molecule that makes up the iris notes. The flower itself has no smell.

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