Duc de Vervins
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Duc de Vervins

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A long-lasting, exquisite rendering of Duc de Vervins' noble, luxurious woodland fragrance infused with aromatic spices, fresh citrus and velvety woods, cultivated into refined accords.
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duc de vervins


A noble blend of essences, Duc de Vervins combines the freshness of the forest with aromatic woody and spicy notes to create a warm yet fresh scent. Oakmoss and lavender...

Duc de Vervins: The concept

Duc de Vervins was created in 1985 to honor the city of Vervins where Houbigant fragrances were manufactured at the time. Created by Houbigant’s own staff of perfumers in France, Duc de Vervins is testimony to the perfumer’s art. Duc de Vervins is not a fragrance for everyone. It was created for the man with innate taste. He is a connoisseur of life. There is nothing ordinary about him. He chooses the best, not to impress but for sheer enjoyment of experiencing the finest in every facet of living.

Duc de Vervins

Not a fragrance for everyone. It was created for the man with innate taste.

An enduring testament to the House of Houbigant’s prescient, ingenious master perfumers, Duc de Vervins commemorates the northern French city where in-house fragrances had been manufactured at the moment of its creation in 1985. Worldly-wise, urbane, sophisticated and mannered, the noble scent recalls illustrious, indomitable, well-tailored, cosmopolitan men. Magnetic and charming, it speaks of industrious, modern individualists who cultivate the finer things in life, and handle all facets of existence with assurance, wit and strength. Presented in a fresh, green frosted glass flacon, its burnished, gold cap and gilded edging affect a strikingly-rich, masculine aesthetic. The folding-carton packaging of heavy paper carries deeply-embossed gold lines that allude to the precious fragrance’s noble origins. The Extrême version enhances pure olfactory essences in higher concentrations than the Eau de Toilette, which ensures longer-lasting wear and an amplified presence.

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